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Bassetlaw Bighearted Support Group.


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Bassetlaw Bighearted is a recently set up support group for people with heart failure and their carers.



Bassetlaw Bighearted meets on the last Wednesday of every month - the current venue is on the Retford Hospital site, normally in:

 Retford Primary Care Centre, Retford Road, Retford, DN22 7XF 

Next meeting Wednesday  30/04/2014

March Meeting cancelled

Hope to see you there.

Aprils meeting we will have a speaker on bee keeping,


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Information can be found in the  events. and the newsletter please take a look.  More>>>

We will be pleased to answer any questions,

Membership is steadily growing and the group is always happy to welcome new members.

Bassetlaw Bighearted members are keen to provide a supportive group, with interesting presentations that will be of interest to the members.  This is an independent, self-funded group that is patient and carer-led and group members themselves agree the activities and programme of the events, so the more ther merrier!
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